These 2 students along with their mentor have built a very effective, pocket and environment friendly AC

Air conditioners not only consume a lot of power, escalating your electricity bills, it is also harmful for the environment due to emission of Chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, which cause depletion of the Ozone layer. They are a dent to the pocket and also to the environment. But, what if we tell you there is a pocket and environment friendly AC too.
To tackle these two major issues, two students, Simran Bajaj and Aishwarya Singh, along with their mentor Maham Malik from Galgotia’s University have designed and engineered an environmental-friendly AC.
“The need for an environmental-friendly and pocket-friendly AC was increasing and that is why we decided to take up this idea,” said Malik.

How it works

The AC works on the principle of cooling air by bringing it in contact with cold copper tubes, which is cooled by a liquid coolant flowing through it. The coolant used is brine. The concept behind it is cooling- on the principle of conduction and convection.

How effective is the AC

The AC is best suited for small rooms. It has been tested in a room and it dropped the temperature by seven degree Celsius.
“Since it is a low budget AC, it is fit for use in hostel rooms. We have only tested its cooling in a 4×4 room size. It gives a temperature drop of 7 degree Celsius on a hot day,” said Malik.
She said that the AC can be used in areas with low voltage and it can beat the industrial ACs.
“Cost wise and usage wise, it can give the industrial ACs a tough competition and can be used in areas which have a low voltage supply,” she said.
How eco-friendly is the AC

The AC works on brine and it isn’t a coolant, which comes under the chemical category. It can be recycled, so no more CFCs. Besides, it does not lead to unwanted humidity in the air nor does it over dry the air on cooling.
It does not consume a lot of electricity. “It is marketable and can be of great use to common people,” said Malik.


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