Recently, BA(H) English 3rd year students of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences presented papers in an “International Conference on Language and Literature through ages” at SRM University, Ghaziabad. The students presented papers on the following topics:
• The Use of English in Hindi Movies from 2005 to 2015: A Comparative Study
• The Insight of Sufi Music: A significant Approach in Relation to Other Indian Genres of Music
• Comparative Study of Two Romantic Poets on the Basis of Metaphysical Elements: John Keats and W B Yeats
• Present Tense Markers in Hindi And Haryanvi Language
• Things Fall Apart: A Feministic Study
• Rhetoric of Politics: An Analysis of the selected Speeches of Mr Narendra Modi and Mr Arvind Kejriwal
• Analysis of the Legal Language
• Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss: A Study of Colonial Mentality Prevailing in India
• Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach: A modern Perspective
• Alice Walker’s The Color Purple: A feministic Analysis
• Role of Dialects and Sociolect in Hindi Songs
• Indian Cinema: Women in the Bollywood Movies
• Costume and Bollywood: A Comparative Study Since 1980
• Code Switching and Code Mixing in Sultan 2016
• Feminist Perspective in Things Fall Apart and Jane Eyre: A Comparative Study


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