Team Automantra Racing from Galgotias University is participating in Formula Bharat, which is to be held in Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore from 26th to 29th January. Formula Bharat is an engineering design competition in which students from colleges and universities all over the country, compete with a life-size Formula-style vehicle in areas of engineering design, overall cost, marketability and dynamic performance. The series replicates the global student Formula series hosted in around 11 countries per year through months of hard work and dedication, students on Friday unveiled there vehicle AR-17.

Team Automantra Racing is the only team from Greater Noida to qualify for this competition. Out of 200 team all over India only top 40 teams are selected for the main race event . Previously this race was held at Buddha International Circuit.

Mr. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO Galgotias University, praised the students for their efforts and hardwork. He also shared the words of encouragement and inspired the team to have a successful race event.

Building upon lessons from pervious competitions, Automantra Racing has designed the vehicle to keep the weight at a minimum. They designed a custom space frame chassis from Chromoly Alloy. The other components are made from lightweight aluminum. The body work is designed to reduce as much drag as possible and made from high grade carbon fiber. The makes the total weight of the vehicle in the ballpark of 150 KG.

AR-17 packs inside a beast in the form of a 44BHP engine, landing an astonishing 301BHP/ton power-to-weight ratio. Generating a maximum torque of 35NM, AR-17 achieved a top speed of 160kmph, going from 0 to 100 in just 7 seconds.

For better on track performance, AR-17 features a 1:1 Steering ratio for the most accurate turns and feedback. Generating almost 1.8G of forces on turns, AR-17 sticks to the track even on tricky corners.



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