A 90 minute session on ‘Innovation Strategy’ by Mr Haja Mohideen, President and CEO Rocheston LLC, New York,was organised by School Of Business for its MBA first year students in the afternoon of Wednesday, 18th January in A-206.Mr Haja was accompanied by Mr Vasanth Davis, Vice-President- Accreditations, Rocheston, and a team of 4 members.It was attended by the acting Vice-Chancellor, Prof (Dr) Renu Luthra, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academics), Dr Jaishankar Variyar, Dean, School Of Business, Dr Sadananda Prusty, Programme Chair (MBA), Dr Anamika Pandey and Manisha Singh, alongwith the students
The session was taken by Mr Haja Mohideen, who is the founder of Rocheston, a New York based Benchmark & Standards Company with Accreditation services in Business, Education and Professional disciplines. The Distinguished Magazine, Distinguished Awards & Recognition Program, the Nebula Metric Framework and the Distinguished Film Festival are some of the unique products launched at Rocheston. A Post graduate in Software Engineering from Staffordshire University, UK, with over 30 years of experience in IT, Mr. Haja built a multi-million dollar business in the United States.Mr. Haja has over 92 industry certifications in Software, Data Security and Internet Protocol from Microsoft, Apple, Google, Motorola, Intel, Cisco, HP, CompTIA and others. He owns multiple patents related to Mobile Phones and Operating Systems.He is the creator of ‘Certified Chief Innovation Officer’ and ‘Certified Master of Business Leadership (cMBL)’ certification and training programs launched in Universities and B-Schools around the world.
Mr Haja meticulously engaged the students and kept them engrossed for the entire session with his attractive presentation which was a brilliant mix of many audio-visual tracks. Mr Haja shared how Steve Jobs changed his thinking 10 years back and inspired him to challenge the rules of the world by creative thinking. Mr Haja talked at length about IOT or the ‘Internet of Things’ and shared how the world would look like in future. He showed the students a smart rope and a smart wallet with a chip and urged the students to keep things simple and think of ways to make life easier for the people at large.Mr Haja encouraged the students to ‘rethink, reengineer and reinvent’. He asked students to think and come up with one change they would like to make to their mobile phones and explained that innovation is not constrained by lack of opportunity, money or state of technology. He introduced a phone by the name of ‘Cyphone’ patented in 4 countries which is 100% his own innovation but its production is currently not possible due to lack of required technology.He also emphasized the importance of ‘liberal arts’ in shaping the creative side of one’s personality and convinced students to pursue art and music with passion.
The session got extended by half an hour as it was highly absorbing, interesting and captivating. It ended with participation certificates being distributed by Rocheston to the students and quite a few rounds of applause for Mr Haja Mohideen.The vote of thanks was proposed by Dean, School Of Business, Dr Sadananda Prusty.


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